Mazda Advantage
Mazda Advantage
Stratford City Mazda
Available Lead Generation Forms
Code to iframe "Send Me a Quote" (Direct link to the form)
<iframe src="" width="730" height="1110"></iframe>
Code to iframe "Service Appointment" (Direct link to the form)
<iframe src="" width="730" height="1380"></iframe>
Available Shopping Tools
HTML code to put links in the content of your pages:
Build and Price Tool (Direct link to the tool)
<a href="#" onclick="return launchBuilder();">Build your Mazda</a>
Compare Tool (Direct link to the tool)
<a href="#" onclick="return launchCompare();">Compare your Mazda</a>
JavaScript code to put before the closing tag </body> of your website to make the shopping tools links functional
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    function launchCompare() {
        var url = "";, "MAZDACOMPARE", "status=0,menubar=0,directories=0,location=0,width=1020,height=800,scrollbars=yes");
        return false;
    function launchBuilder() {
        var url = "" + encodeURIComponent("35452");, "MAZDABUILDER", "status=0,menubar=0,directories=0,location=0,width=1000,height=890,scrollbars=yes");
        return false;
How To iframe
Things to know about iframes
  • The src parameter must be the path of the page you want to iframe.
  • The width and height parameters must have the dimensions you would like the iframe to have.
  • Normally, the height will change for almost every page if you don't want a vertical scrollbar.
iframe example

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